Sunday, February 20, 2011

And then there was peace

So I bet you all have been wondering what it is I've been up to these past few weeks? Well, I've been letting myself be damn selfish, that's what. Boy Wonder and I are going on week 8 of our work out plan and while I haven't seen a super obvious weight loss, that's ok. I can see that my body is changing for the better, and I've gone down one size in shirts. Woot!
As for the man front, I've gone on a couple first dates, nothing to write home about. Nice people but meh. But you know, while I wish I really could find that one great guy for me right this minute, I'm not thinking about it a whole hell of a lot. I work out immediately after work and drive home. I pretty much just leave weekends for meet and greets, and if that doesn't work for them well whatever. Red jumped in my shit the other day which is rare for her. She's my best friend and I suppose I need to allow her to vent her worries for me sometimes, but it's really not a big deal. She's worried I'm letting lots of good guys pass me by.
Actually, I'm not. I'm meeting some nice guys. But unfortunately, those nice guys are just not bringing enough on the attraction front to keep me around. Nice is good, but nice all on its own isn't going to make me want to kiss someone.I appreciate her concern but Boy Wonder and JT are pretty much the only people I'm telling any dating info these days. The reason? I've learned that telling some of my friends leads to a chain reaction. They get excited for me, I get excited, then the expectations all go out the damn window. Then I get disappointed. These means, if I say I met someone cool that I don't want to hear, "Well did he call you?" If he did, I don't want to hear, "When are you going out?"  For me, talking to someone doesn't mean squat. It doesn't count. And if they ask me out, it still doesn't count. It doesn't count until I actually GO OUT with them. It's a lot of pressure. Since I've started keeping my mouth shut, I've felt SO much less stress about it because I truly don't care! This is essential, because I come in contact with a ridiculous amount of flaky men.
On the happy memory front, I went to Sevilla for Valentine's Day with Red, TR and JF. We ate decadent food, drank, and had ridiculously yummy dessert. Oh, and then I gave my phone number to the cutie who was playing Spanish guitar. (Yes, he sent a text a couple days later. No, I haven't heard from him since). It was nice to make a V-Day memory that doesn't hit me with pain when I think about it.
So right now I'm talking to a bunch of different men, maybe I will make plans with them, maybe I won't. I will continue my gym plan, and planning my Greece vacation that's occurring 6 month from now. Right now that makes me happy.

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weezermonkey said...

Yay for good friends, good food, and good vacations to come!